Company Profile
              Guangzhou Yoko Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is an innovative technology enterprise focusing on barcode recognition solutions.
              Simplicity and extremeness are the principles we follow, ranging from user needs, scene experience, product definition, R&D technology, engineering testing, to enterprise operation management. In every job, we pursue continuous exploration, research, and continuous digging in our own field.
              We are a group of people who do not compromise with reality. We pursue our inner dreams, taste the hardships of work, and at the same time enjoy the accomplishment that work brings. We have been pursuing it for 5, 10, 20 the top.

              Business scope: 

              barcode scanning module, barcode scanning engine, fixed stationary scanners, handheld barcode scanner, handsfree barcode scanner, wired scanner and wireless scanner.


                   Zhang Yongjun               He Changyin                              Zhang Lei                            Zhang Guojun        

                   Co-founder-CEO               Co-founder-Plant Manager              Co-founder-R&D Director        Co-founder-Algorithm Leader


                  Chen xiongqun                        Chen Jianwu                      Wang dongyong                       Wang Liguo           

                  Co-founder-Algorithm Leader         Co-founder-Donnwe CEO       Co-founder-Vending CEO              Co-founder- Projects Manager

              YOKO Holding


              GUANGZHOU DONNWE CO., LTD;

              Brand Positioning:● Biological recognition;● smart community、smart bus solution

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